Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Guys Suck -- Reality TV Edition

OK, I have to confess a secret -- after a long day, Renee and I sometimes unwind by snuggling in bed and watching bad reality TV. Well, last night it was the first episode of the new season of "The Bachelorette", and we had to watch. Twenty-five guys competing for the affections of (and the eventual chance to marry) the female protagonist.

Now, I understand the squeamishness some might feel with this whole concept -- turning courtship into a televised freak-show. And perhaps you are wondering about what sort of person I am to treat my brain to this type of abuse. But set those concerns aside, and focus on the spectacle.

It was terrific in its awful-ness. Renee and I couldn't stop laughing at the comical, almost clownish behavior of these guys. Non-stop strutting and preening by twenty five jerks, all trying to out-do each other with their showing-off. I just kept wincing as each hair-gelled, abs-sculpted man-child made a total ass of himself trying to impress this woman. Not one of them seemed like a genuine person who you might be interested to meet. I kept waiting for someone with some dignity to just sit down and try to talk to this woman like a human being.

I know that some of this is the result of the selection process -- they picked a bunch of 20-something actor/model wannabees (who were willing to sign up for this sort of self-debasing activity).

The woman who is at the center of this maelstrom seems very personable and genuine. I kept wishing that a slightly more seasoned gentleman (maybe with a hint of salt-and-pepper in his hair) would stroll in and show these boys how to actually talk to a woman.

We've watched previous seasons of "The Bachelor", where it is one guy v. 25 women, and the feel is entirely different. I mean, some of the women are manipulative, back-stabbing and competitive in their own ways. But none of them are so loathsome.

Wo here's my question. Are guys really like this? Is this what my little Emma has to look forward to? I mean, if this show captures 1/100-th of what it is like for a woman to go out to a bar to try to meet guys....if guys really act like this when they are trying to impress women...then I feel sorry for you all. Dating must just suck.

On behalf of all men everywhere, let me apologize. Obviously we are disgusting creatures.


Renee said...

Are guys really like this?

Yes. Yes. In about a room of 100 men, 99 of them are this way.

Is this what my little Emma has to look forward to?

Emma is a tough cookie, she will not date a pig like the pigs displayed on this show. Plus, she has me and you know how I can torture a man. Don't forget, we own a shotgun.

I am so happy you witnessed what is out there. It is horrible. I am impressed by only one thing, the fact that this reality show really captured what a bunch of men under 35 are truly like. Asshats!

Christy said...

I second that...and yes, I do remember (even though I've been married for a hundred years.)