Sunday, May 1, 2011

Springtime in the Woods

Three years since my last blog post...where has the time gone. My on-line life has been taken up by Facebooking. FB is a good way to reconnect with friends from all the different chapters in my life. But at the same time, it is so limited. Recently I have felt the urge to engage in more substantive personal writing -- more than the pithy little status updates.

I need to get back to the core of my being; to start living live fearlessly again, fully engaged, totally authentic and engaged in the world.

So I broke out my camera, and headed out into the woods for a walk in the spring. And what did I old friend, the skunk cabbage. My favorite harbinger of Spring. One of the first plants to break through the leaves on the forest floor.

Came across this puddle of green bubbly primordial ooze on the trail. Life soup...

The newly formed leaves on the trees look so delicate and fragile. They do not give any hint of the real power and strength that they contain.

I didn't pay attention to what type of tree this is...maybe a crab apple. The flowers look so wild and exotic.

The tendrils on the moss give the rock a luscious green crew cut.

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